Wulf son of Freca (wulf_of_rohan) wrote,
Wulf son of Freca

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*sitting crosslegged with the baby in my lap*

Gram, eh? Not much of a name, but maybe you'll make something of it. Dark hair...just like mine...bet Helm isn't too happy about that...bet he'd eventually arrange to be rid of you, wipe the "taint" out of the family tree...well, not if *I* can help it. You'll stay here with ME, and nobody will ever hurt you, and that's all there is to it. Don't need Hanild anymore, either of us. She'll get herself knocked up by her pussy elf boytoy or that inbred were-ferret freak and forget all about you. Trust me on this. She never wanted you. You should have heard her scream when...

...yeah, yeah, I know, you're hungry...come on then. There are about a hundred Mary Sues in the Fangirl Ward who died in dramatic childbirth, or defending their firstborn...I'm sure we can find you a wetnurse.
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