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*sitting crosslegged with the baby in my lap*

Gram, eh? Not much of a name, but maybe you'll make something of it. Dark hair...just like mine...bet Helm isn't too happy about that...bet he'd eventually arrange to be rid of you, wipe the "taint" out of the family tree...well, not if *I* can help it. You'll stay here with ME, and nobody will ever hurt you, and that's all there is to it. Don't need Hanild anymore, either of us. She'll get herself knocked up by her pussy elf boytoy or that inbred were-ferret freak and forget all about you. Trust me on this. She never wanted you. You should have heard her scream when...

...yeah, yeah, I know, you're hungry...come on then. There are about a hundred Mary Sues in the Fangirl Ward who died in dramatic childbirth, or defending their firstborn...I'm sure we can find you a wetnurse.
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:lurks in the fangirl ward:
--and then maybe we'll go hunting for my papa's spirit, maybe he's around here somewhere, I've never found him but hell, there's not much else to DO up here--

*stops dead in the doorway, arms going tight around the baby* Oh. Maybe later, then.
Hi Wulf. Is this Gram? Can't say that I've ever met him, but I've heard about him, of course.
*backs up another step, wild-eyed, whipcord tense, grip tense around the fussy child* Yes. He is. And you can't have him.
Of course not. I'm not a nursing mother. :beckons a dark-haired MS forward: This is Ebony Star. She can be Gram's wet nurse.
*blink, suspicious look* Ebony Star isn't some half-Vala half-elven half-unicorn ninja warrior who's going to kick my ass the second she has Gram away from me, is she...?
No. Well, she's not a ninja. Or a Vala. But she is an elven unicorn crossbreed. She's the best of the bunch, I swear.
This...isn't how I expected you to react. Or is this just that you can't smite me while I'm holding a baby?
Well, it wouldn't do to hurt the baby, but if you'd prefer your son to be in the line of fire, by all means, keep holding him.
*low growl not unlike my namesake, but...* Point. Here. *handing my armload to the cooing Mary Sue, surreptitiously brushing one knuckle across the baby's cheek before I let go* Right then. Now what?
:smite: :smite: :smite: Suddenly I feel so much calmer.
*sizzling slightly* Well, goodie for you. *thud*
Yes, isn't it? :prods: Oh, come on. I could have done so much worse.

Now. In all seriousness, you know you can't keep Gram here. His mother would never agree to it, and that's the only way I'd agree to it.
Why not? She never wanted him. I DID. She should be happy to be rid of him -- I'm sure he just gets in the way of her bouncing in and out of her suitors' beds. She'll get over it. And besides, he's in DANGER down there. *glare*
I'll point that out her when I take him back. But it's still her choice. :takes Gram from Ebony Star: You know, I'll have to keep you in mind in case of an apocalyspe. You're quite good with the babies.

You can bitch at me later when I get back, Wulf. Might want to find some sympathetic fan-girl to patch you up while I'm gone. :vanishes, taking the baby with her:


14 years ago