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Mine. Mine. Mine. MINE. And safe.

Vanthene: *sneaks around the main Hall, calling softly* Sugarplum? ...fine. Wulf? Where the hell are you?

Wulf: *waking up with a start, instantly tense/alert* What the fuck...

Vanthene: Ah. There you are. This place is really big, you know that?

Wulf: *warily, wanting to reach down for the knife under my pillow but not daring risk the bundle in your arms* Of course it is, it's the afterlife. How did you get here? You don't look dead.

Vanthene: *glances around* Mine wasn't like this. Of course, we didn't let the dead wander around... *turns back to Wulf and smiles* Let's just say someone offered me a ride. You did specify alive, did you not?

Wulf: Yes. If we're talking about my son.

Vanthene: I don't really think you want me dead and keeping you company. *coos at Gram* He's adorable. Your hair, her eyes...

Wulf: No...though I hope NOT to be here forever... *eyes fixed on the blankets concealing the baby, fists clenching* I wouldn't know, I've never seen him.

Vanthene: *smile fades somewhat* No, I don't imagine you have. *walks to the couch and sits on the edge* You owe me for this. Whatever I want, whenever I want. *holds the baby out towards Wulf* I believe this is yours.

Wulf: *moves like a snake, snatching the child away and jumping back, but going no further, dark gaze steady on yours* Anything.

Vanthene: *raises an eyebrow* You didn't really think I'd hurt him, did you?

Wulf: What was I supposed to think? Yes.

Vanthene: I don't know whether to be flattered or offended, though it doesn't matter either way. I've done what I'm here to do and I'd rather not be here when Jade gets back. Have fun. He's been cranky since we left Mommy behind.

Wulf: *curious* Where did you leave her? And please say you offed that idiot Gelmir.

Vanthene: Patch of forest just south of Fangorn, though I'm fairly certain she's free by now. Not even she's that helpless. As for him...didn't do a thing. *smiles* She's making him miserable enough all by herself.

Wulf: I have a different definition of "miserable," but I suppose it'll do for now... So. Want to name your price now or leave me dangling? I'm betting the latter.

Vanthene: I'd like to get some use out of the phrase "you owe me" a few more times, yes.

Wulf: *I shrug, arms secure around the child* Eh, he's worth the price, and I'd do worse if our positions were reversed. Have fun.

Vanthene: No doubt you would. *seriously* Take care of him. *waves to Gram and heads out the way she came in*

Wulf: *quietly, fiercely* I will.
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