Wulf son of Freca (wulf_of_rohan) wrote,
Wulf son of Freca

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And you say I'M a heartless bastard?!

They let. HER. Near HER. Am I the only person who remembers A) Vanthene is a POISONER and B) SHE HAS A PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST HANILD AND ME?! ALL IT COULD TAKE IS A TOUCH!!! You stupid, inbred, mouth-breathing, cousin-fucking horsefelchers. WHY THE BLOODY BLUE FJGHFJKHLG DO YOU THINK I WAS GUARDING HER!?!??!!?!?!?


I swear to the VOID that if anything happens to her or my child, I WILL find a way to get out, and I WILL find a way to MURDER AINUR. I hear there's a secret lab somewhere...</i>
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