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wulf_of_rohan's Journal

Wulf son of Freca
My father Freca was a powerful man who paid heed to Helm Hammerhand only when it suited him to give council. My family was descended from King Freawine, and owned the rich lands around the Adorn River. What need have we of a ruler best known for arm-wrestling, quaffing, and chasing skirts?

However, politics are politics. In 2754 my father asked Helm to consider a match between myself and the king's daughter. Helm refused -- then murdered my father with his bare hands.

Helm forgot two things: Freca had a son, and that son had Dunlending relatives just aching to slaughter some arrogant strawheads. Four years later, in 2758, Edoras was ours -- and Meduseld was MINE for eight months, including the worst winter in living memory.

Helm couldn't defeat me.
Neither could either of his sons.
Choke on that, horsefuckers.