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Memo from the halls of Mandos

Would you regicide-happy morons stop sending horsefuckers here? For crying out loud. Sure, normally I'd be all for that, but it makes Hanild cry and anyway I'm trying to get a baby to sleep here.
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What can I say, I'm on a roll. *blows kisses to Gram*
As Hama might say: no touchee, bitch.
You want a rattle for him? I'd offer a lullaby, but you seem to have that under control.
Yeah, he's pretty good actually. Wore himself right out. A rattle would be nice, thanks.


Any sign of Hanild? Not that I'm worried or anything.
:gives rattle: Well, I haven't heard from her yet, so she's probably still in MT. That might not be a good thing, though.
Well, it's not like there's anything I can do about it. *gives rattle to Gram, who promptly slobbers all over it*
True, there isn't. :tilts head and studies him: Thank you for taking care of Mandos while I was gone.
Nothing really happened. But... *looks a little uncomfortable, hair hiding his eyes* Well. If something had. I would have. *shrugs* yourewelcome.
:smiles at him and pats his shoulder: And hey! We finally got rid of all the fangirls. The place has never been this quiet before. :pause: Of course, I think the dwarves might be moping.