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"You'll be back for him, one way or the other"

Wulf: *lies flopped on his stomach on his sofa, chin buried in the crook of his elbow, other arm dangling, unmoving, blankly watching the ghosts of ants scurry by on the way to whatever version of Mandos awaits 'em*

Hanild: *pokes her head in, smiling briefly when she sees him* Oh good, you're here. *walks to the couch, places several bags on the floor and then bounces Gram gently* I have a favour to ask you.

Wulf: *looks up through uncut black bangs, frowning a little but not hostile* Oh. Uh, hello. Does it involve Gram?

Hanild: *frowning a little herself* Yes, it does. I was wondering if you could watch him for a while for me.

Wulf: *blink* *sits up, looking more genuinely curious* You know I can, and would, and will. *eyes go narrow* Is someone trying to hurt you again?

Hanild: No, it's not that. I just have to go to Minas Tirith and there's things happening there that make it not safe for me to take him with me. *leans her cheek against the baby's head* So...I was hoping you wouldn't mind taking care of him until I get back.

Wulf: *quietly* He'll be safe here. And you?

Hanild: *small smile* I know he will be. You were my first choice... *hands Gram over to Wulf and crouches down next to the bags, rummaging through one of them* What about me?

Wulf: *settling Gram on his lap, fingers caught in one chubby hand, mesmerized* You're going into danger. Do you know what you're doing? What -- or who -- is worth leaving THIS?

Hanild: *looks up at him, sitting cross-legged on the floor, skirts stretched over her knees* My friends are in trouble and I need to help them. That's worth risking my life over, but not his, which is why he's not coming with me.

Wulf: They're not worth YOUR life, either. *his arms are folded protectively around the baby, who now has a handful of his hair*

Hanild: Of course they are. *kneels over and pries Gram's hand out of Wulf's hair* Sweetie don't do that. You're supposed to be behaving for Papa. *sits back down on the floor, again rummaging through a bag, then tilts her head to look at Wulf curiously* You know how to read, right? I just kind of assumed you did.

Wulf: *nodding a little, looking both indignant and a little pained* A little. Enough. More than your average man of our time, at least. Why?

Hanild: He likes being read to. I brought all his favourite books. *gestures to the bag* And his toys. The swan is his favourite of those, he won't fall asleep without it. *thinks* And he likes going for walks, and being sung to, and uh...*bites her bottom lip, trying not to cry*...encourage him to talk and practice his balance.

Wulf: Swan...okay...read to...I can do that... *looking at you, a flicker of concern* You'll be back for him. Right? Don't talk like you won't be. *wry smile* One way or the other. Or have you forgotten where we are...?

Hanild: *hesitates, then nods and swallows the lump in her throat* I know. *quietly* I just don't know when and we've never really been apart. Not very long, anyway. *reaches over and takes one of the baby's hands in hers* You show Papa what a good boy you can be and I'll be back very soon, ok? *leans over and kisses his forehead* I love you, with all my heart. *sits back and sighs* Thank you for doing this.

Wulf: *watching, unreadable but for his eyes -- oddly, this IS affecting him* I'd say I'd defend him with my life, but that's not exactly an option right now. Whatever else I still have will have to do. *quick smile* Believe me, though, that'll be enough. And there's Jade too. He's safe. Don't worry about him. Worry about yourself. You're the one walking into danger. ...iwishyouwouldn't.

Hanild: I have to. *small shrug* I don't have a choice. ...well, ok I do, but it feels like I don't. I couldn't live with myself for not helping when I know they're in trouble. Even if I only end up making things worse, I have to try. They're my friends.

Wulf: *sigh* Then if you have to. I suppose I understand obligations, if nothing else. Gram will be fine. I...appreciate your trust. Why not leave him with your father?

Hanild: *smiles and looks down at her lap* He loves Gram, but he's not terribly good with babies and he's very busy. Besides, he's too far away and I don't have time to go all the way back to Edoras and then go to Minas Tirith. Also, if he knew what I was doing, he'd never let me go.

Wulf: Ah. That makes sense, I suppose. *looking down at the baby, bouncing him until he squeals happily* Uruviel will help, I'm sure. And Hama, if I let him, which I probably won't, but you never know in a pinch. And if all else fails, there's still a few fangirls around here I'm sure...

Hanild: *nods* He'll be well taken care of, I know. And safe. I won't have to worry. *scoldingly* You should be nicer to Hama.

Wulf: Why? He's a joke. And anyway, it passes the time up here. For him too, I bet.

Hanild: *slight glare* He's a perfectly nice man who helped me quite a bit. *stands and slings one of the bags over her shoulder* I should be going. *leans over and kisses the top of Gram's head* Be good. *catches Wulf's gaze* That goes for you, too.

Wulf: *small genuine smile* Promise. Go on now. Come back.

Hanild: *smiles back* I will. Thank you again. *waves at Gram* Bye bye. Love you. *hurries back to Jade before she bursts into tears*
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