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Aha! Entertainment at the expense of Frealaf's descendents!

Wulf: *insolently* So, Luthien sweetheart, has your devoted husband told you what he did the night before the wedding yet? Ooops, I meant to say WHO he did the night before the wedding.

Luthien: ... *SMITE*

Wulf: Ow. Just tryin' to help.

Luthien: First off, don't call me sweetheart. Second, don't taunt hormonal pregnant Maia women. Third, yes, I suspected it, but I'd like to hear HIM say it.

Wulf: First off, there's a lot worse I could have called you. Secondly, I'm already dead, so bite me. Thirdly...good luck with Captain Avoidance.

Luthien: ... *cries*

LuthienMun: o.O *gives her a hanky* Bad dog! You made her upset.

Wulf: Like there's anything else to do up here.

Luthien: What did I ever do to you? Shouldn't you be making license plates or something?

Wulf: I just have a general low-level disgust for anything blond that smells like horse manure and sits on a throne. Nothing personal.

Luthien: Well, that's too bad, now, isn't it.

Wulf: *shrug* At least I'm faithful to MY wife.

Luthien: *leaves to go screw Éomer*

Wulf: *goes back to flicking peanuts into Ancalime's cleavage*
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