Wulf son of Freca (wulf_of_rohan) wrote,
Wulf son of Freca

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It's quiet. Too quiet.

No rescue party yet. Hmm. Did Vanthene truly escape the White City undetected with her prisoner...? That woman is worth her weight in gold.

*strokes Hanild's tangled blonde hair with surprisingly gentle fingers then rises and crosses to the dresser*

*returns with a simple white robe -- perhaps one of Saruman's, this IS Orthanc after all -- and holds it out to her*

Here. Much as I enjoy the sight of you...as is...I would not share that sight with the other things that lurk in this place.

Oh, my dear, DO stop staring at me like that. You're not harmed, considering... *gaze tracks meaningfully over to where Erkenbrand's body lay (before I shoved it from the balcony sometime yesterday), then snap back* Bruises heal, and maidenhood is vastly overrated. Your own father used it as a bartering chip. You're better off without it.
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